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Cust: Steelheader 10 ft

Cust: Steelheader 10 ft

Product Information


The Steelheader is a whitewater grade catacraft. The steel galvanized whitewater frame is 61" x 51" and weighs-in at 45 pounds. This frame with 9-foot x 14"-15" pontoons weighs 70 pounds, or 85 pounds with the 10-foot x 19"-20" pontoons. Our pontoons are the most durable, heavy-duty pontoons manufactured for this style of boat.

The Steelheader has replaceable Halkey Robert-style valves, 7-foot oars, oar locks, Skidguard floor and rear deck. Flip-down padded swivel seat with galvanized-hardware, Cam straps, patch kit, air pump, hose, and adapter.

Included Options

10 ft. Steelheader
Jumpseat/Cargo rack
Front Electric/Small gas motor mount
Anchor swivel pulley

Recommended Options

Oars, Titanium Oarlocks

Price: $2679.00

Product Code: CUSH3
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